Pulse to Pulse Stability

A unique intra Pulse Phase and Amplitude Analyzer with milli-degrees precision
Frequency Sources and Converters

Frequency Sources and Converters

More Extended Modules

40 GHz wideband ultra low noise up and down converters, Ultra-Low Noise oscillators, Precision Frequency Synthesizers...
NXA Series

NXA Series

All-In-One Phase Noise Tester

Intuitive Phase Noise Analyzer with Integrated References sources

High Performance

With a -195dBc/Hz noise floor, our products offers enough headroom to test your latest and future devices.

It's a great asset that enables the development of state of the art phase noise products like oscillators, clocks, frequency converters or amplifiers.

Flexible Techniques

300+ plug-in modules enables many tests like :

  • Absolute Phase and Amplitude Noise
  • Frequency Stability
  • Jitter Measurements
  • Residual / Added Phase Noise testing
  • Radar Pulse Stability

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Welcome to Noise eXtended Technologies

Request a Quote

Request a Quote Find out more about how and where to purchase NoiseXT products and services with the Contact Page. Request a quotation, demonstration or additional information with our Contact Us form. You can also contact one of our qualified representatives.

High Spectral Purity Solutions

High Spectral Purity Solutions With nearly 20 years of continuous innovation in low noise frequency synthesis and measurement techniques, our Research and Development IP library allow us to provide you the ultimate performance.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Exceeding Customer Expectations Mindful of this responsibility, we place high priority on service before you purchase our product. Before selling any inspection system, NoiseXT conducts a battery of sample tests. Using actual products, we confirm the level of precision achieved under actual working conditions.

Research & Development

Research & Development NoiseXT utilizes its original and high-level technologies to provide instruments and quality assurance in the industrial-electronics world, with a focus on telecommunication networks, aerospace and defense markets.

Warranty, Repair and Calibration

Warranty, Repair and Calibration As well as a local support network, NoiseXT has invested in state-of-the art calibration facilities and worldwide centres-of-excellence. These provide calibration and repair facilities across the product range; from legacy products to the latest NX platform instruments.

Secrecy Protection

Secrecy Protection NoiseXT conducts business in full compliance with relevant laws, and does not disclose information acquired through business with suppliers and partners to any third party without these suppliers’ and partners’ prior consent.


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Live From IMS2012
Posted on June 19, 2012
Live From IMS2012: Phase Noise Analyzers With Industry's Lowest Residual Phase Noise Performance {youtube}FrHhI4t73BQ{/youtube} Guillaume De Giovanni, president of NoiseXT, introduces the NXA Series ..
IMS 2012
Posted on June 15, 2012
MONTREAL—INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE SYMPOSIUM 2012 - Booth #409 - June 19, 2012 NoiseXT Introduces NXA Series One-box Phase Noise Analyzers  Noise eXtended Technologies (Noise XT) today introduced ..



NoiseXT is a high technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets high spectral purity test and measurement products.

Hundreds of our products are in worldwide use, supporting defense, space and Automated Test Systems.

  • Phase Noise Measurements performance leader
  • Solutions to the aerospace, defense and communications markets



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